Second Payments From Claimers Bitcoin

It is great news. I can't believe it, only 2 days after the first withdrawal, I got paid again. I think Claimers Bitcoin is the fastest bitcoin faucet right now. Withdrawal process less than 24 hours. I receive my payment only 4-5 hours after click "Withdraw" button. Below is the screen shoot of my second payment, 0.00029999 BTC in two days claim. ☺ (see My first payment)

This is only need 1-2 hours a day with slow connection and another online
activity. I do not know, if I have fast connection and only focus on the claims.

You can see, below is the distance between my first payment and the second payment, only 2 days.

And picture below is my stat after withdrawal. Claim in 1 hours with another online activity. I can only claim 250 claims and valid claims is 251, 1 rest of the claim after the reset time.

I will not let go of this opportunity, even if the connection is slow. I just inform this for everyone. If you wish, you can start make bitcoin right now by clicking banner below or click here.


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Serba Bisnis said...

Thank you GST Impact Analysis, I am very glad to hear it.

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Serba Bisnis said...

Thank you Buy Contact Lenses Online, I'll do my best ^_^

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