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Hello everbody...
This time I will reviewing one of the Bitcoin faucet, Claimers Bitcoin. This site, just launching in early May 2017. Claimers Bitcoin offers claiming unlimited bitcoin satoshi without timers. You can claim as much as You want and as fast as You can do. Thats it, no other rule, except for withdrawal, the minimum is BTC 0.0001 directly into Your wallet. Do not need the skill to claim it, only need your mouse.

This site has a simple design, looks clean, the explanation is clear, fast loading even with slow connection, but reCAPTCHA need all my bandwidth, because my connection is slow.

It's simply to join, do not requires e-mail, user name, password etc. Just provide your bitcoin address then start to claim. On claim page push the button "Speed Claim" to starting claim, solve the reCAPTCHA, verify, done. The reCAPTCHA will automatic load, so You only click the button once for starting.

I join this site on May 2, 2017. In 3 days I got over 23000 satoshi, this is equal BTC 0.00023 because my connection is slow and I do claims only 1 hour each day. I'm waiting my first withdrawal now. They says no more 24 hours, the transaction will be processed. So, I hope today I got my first withdrawal. I will let you know if they paid me.

They paid me today, like they said no more 24 hours. This is my first payment directly to my wallet.

If You need more information just click the banner below or click here.

PS :
You allows to open multiple tabs to claim faster. But, I do not recommend to open multiple tabs if you have the slow connection, so you can try with 2 tabs, 3 tabs and so on until all your claims is valid. The important thing is do not interrupt the reCAPTCHA.

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