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Tips to Increase Earning in BuxInside

I starting joined BuxInside on June 7, 2016. After 53 days as free member that mean not investing money, I have several tips for free member to earn more money in this site, because free member not able to rent refferal. This is my tips, but did not a member BuxInside, you need to join first by clicking here before applying the tips :
  1. Getting Sponsor Adertisements.
  2. Sponsor Advertisement is additional ads that not as Fixed advertisements. This ads have temporary time, maximum 1 hour for every ads. I often getting this ads everyday. The point is you should to know what the time the ads will show. Based on my experience, the time for this ads appear is between 18.00 - 20.00 server time and for the best time I think is between server reset at 23.30-00.15, because you will get double ads, wait until time server reset. Make sure you already clicks all your Fixed ads if you clicks before time server reset. But clicks Sponsor ads first after time reset, before the ads gone.
  3. Time to Surf in PrizeIN™.
  4. Based on my experience, to winning the PrizeIn™ that have more prize is at time between 18.00-20.00 server time. Because I always get more prize when I starting surf in PrizeIn™ on that time. And the other time I still getting £0.01 every day.
  5. Getting Points.
  6. What is Points in BuxInside? BuxInside Point is one of the features to increase ads worth on Sponsor Advertisements. You can see the information in the forum. We can earn points in many ways like click ads, reffering people, using ProPTP™, writing in forum (not spam) and etc.
  7. Using ProPTP™.
  8. This feature like Paid To Promote, but a little different because the system have ProPTP™ beside PTP itself, so we will earn double. We must use the ProPTP™ link in the rigth place, you can see how the ProPTP™ work by clicking here for 10 seconds, click it, you can see by yourself. For the first 100 hits in ProPTP™ we will get £0.02 CPM (ProPTP™ Hits) and £0.01 CPM (PTP Hits) then increase after 100, 500, 1000, 5000 and 10000. See the forum for complete information.
  9. Complete TaskIN™
  10. Don't forget to complete TaskIN™. After you reached the minimum requirement in TaskIN™, just claim the prize. And going to the next level.
  11. Getting Refferal
  12. This is the most important as free member, after join in BuxInside, starting to spread your link to the best Traffic Exchange or website that you have. Because there is competition that have prize total £500.
That is my tips to earn more in BuxInside. If you not a member of BuxInside you can starting now by clicking banner bellow or click here.

I Get My Account Back Again

It is good news for me. I didn't active for more over 4 years but my account still alive in social media marketing and traffic exchange, but one other traffic exchange is dead.

For my social media marketing is IMFaceplate and the traffic exchange is Sweeva, the other account in traffic exchange was dead is in Trafficsw***.com, is so sad because I joined in about 2009.

I should deleted my old article in IMFaceplate because my article had bad link or dead link. Then try to write again but for now I didn't have idea. I had deleted
my old link that has been dead and renew them with my new link, so many task to do with my faceplate, but now already done.

In Sweeva, my account nothing change, I still have more 1,400 credits, my rank still same like I was logout more than 4 years ago and everything I have still there are. Except my bad link, I should deleted them and renew them with my new programs.

Oh ya, starting today I joined new Traffic Exchange that called, this Traffic Exchange have ratio 1:1 manual surf, every surf only 5 seconds, every surf 15 sites we will get $0.15, getting 500 credits just for register and surf for 15 site for first, there are PTC too and so many prize in surfing page. If you wish to join or need more information follow this link or click on banner bellow.

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