Got Paid From Clixsense, Legit and Trusted Site

Hello everyone, it is late post, but I want to show you that I got payment from Clixsense, long time not active in this site, only login and make several tasks. But they still paying me ^_^.
This is my biggest payment in Paid To Click programs. I receive $45.47. See the proof bellow.
My Payment
(Click the image to Enlarge)

Clixsense now remove the click ads and the click grids, but the surveys and the other tasks is more and of course the incentive from surveys and other tasks is bigger than before. Every day there is always new surveys and tasks. and is Scam!

Just for information, and is scammer. So, "DO NOT INVEST AND WASTING YOUR TIME" in their site. They have similarity scheme, attract people to join with claiming huge satoshi in a day and then offer to invest to their site with multiple payout. Beware with sites that have similar scheme.

Source image from Google have an account on, with nickname Nagadota, but after the owner cheating people who investing more than 1 month ago, he never active till now, see the profile above and this is his thread in bitcointalk. Fans Page on facebook also deleted. But the site is still active till now to trap people in order to invest with their site. So, I repeat "DO NOT INVEST ANYTHING" if you already register and "DO NOT JOIN" this SCAM site if you just found out. is similar with After scam, this site launch with the same scheme but different object and view. For the begining, people in bitcointalk suspicious this site will scam not long. Not more 1 month this site has been scam. Click here to see the owner thread in bitcointalk. So many people waiting their payment till now, even the site says instant payout. I repeat again "DO NOT INVEST ANYTHING" if you already register and "DO NOT JOIN" this SCAM site if you just found out.

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Eobot Review

What is Eobot?
Eobot is one of Cloud Mining web site that operated by Eobot Inc. You can see the company address in Term and Condition. They offered many cryptocurrency for mined, include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Doge, Monero, etc (see the picture bellow). They started this project in 2013.
Eobot Cloud Mining
(click to enlarge)

Why Eobot?
Thats all I know, this web site beside offered low investment for mining, they also offered free mining. Yes, free mining!!. But if You want to invest, the minimum invest is only $ 10 for buy SHA-256 algorithm power for 5 years. There is no maximum invest as long as the power is available. For free mining You can use Faucet as their product to claiming cryptocurrency or claiming power once a day then You can start mining immediately coin You have wanted.

Other Product
They also have software for mining on Your own computer. For more information, feel free to see the FAQ section Software/Miner Question.

About Security
I think, this is awesome, they have "hack wallet" and "cold wallet" separated from the main site, this wallet just in case when Eobot get hacked. If Eobot get hacked they still have fund to payback the customers.
They give challenge for hackers to test their system that have "hot wallets combined" hold a total of $502,274 worth of coins. So, if the hackers can penetrate their system the hackers would get that values as the prize. If the hackers succeed, the hackers should tell the Eobot how, then Eobot will fix it. About bug bounty program, you can see details information in Resource Hacker.

This site is operated since 2013, the site is secure, even giving challenge for the hackers. You can mining online with cloud mining or with Your own computer. Easy and low price for starting the investment. You can mining cryptocurrency coins what you have wanted. 

For other information or if you want to be a member, please visit Eobot.

RainPool The Best Faucet Bitcoin (Review)

Hello everyody, today I would to review one of the faucet bitcoin, this faucet is affiliate under faucethub. So, if you want to earn bitcoin from this sites you must have account in faucethub. This site was launched about 30 days ago. RainPool is the name of this faucet. Here is the figure of the site.
Main Page RainPool
I will little explain the figure above :

  1. Current RainPool is amount of bitcoin to be shared, below it is timer to the next shared.
  2. Other faucet, claim here to get minimum 5 verified claims, verified claims is when you claimed a faucet has been send to your faucehub.
  3. Chat room, you can chat with other people in here, you can see notification or information on RainPool here. There is sub room in different language.

Second Payments From Claimers Bitcoin

It is great news. I can't believe it, only 2 days after the first withdrawal, I got paid again. I think Claimers Bitcoin is the fastest bitcoin faucet right now. Withdrawal process less than 24 hours. I receive my payment only 4-5 hours after click "Withdraw" button. Below is the screen shoot of my second payment, 0.00029999 BTC in two days claim. ☺ (see My first payment)

This is only need 1-2 hours a day with slow connection and another online

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