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Adding Bitcoin PTC, New Way To Collect Bitcoin

Hello everyone, today I would introduce my affiliate in Bitcoin PTC, a PTC program that will pay You with Bitcoin. The sites that I have joined is free to register, just provide your e-mail and Bitcoin wallet address, then starting to generate bitcoin with clicking ads. Ok, let me introduce...

  1. Coin Bulb
  2. This site is very promise, there is up to 20 ads for 24 hours, ads worth between 0.00060 mBTC to 0.00160 mBTC. Captcha using Solve Media. Refferal commission 50%. Minimum witdhrawal is 0.0005 BTC dirrect to bitcoin wallet.

  3. World of Bitcoin
  4. This site provide up to 10 ads daily, ads worth up to 347 satoshi. Captcha only when login. Refferal commission 20%. Minimum witdhrawal is 0.0001 trhough EPay.

  5. BTC Penta
  6. This site have two way to earn, faucet every 15 minutes and PTC. There is up to 9 ads daily, ads worth between 0.00000012 BTC to 0.00000025 BTC. For faucet, there is level you must reach in order to get more bitcoin, more level you reach more bitcoin ou will earn. Every claim you can earn between 9 satoshi to 236 satoshi. Captcha using reCAPTCHA. Refferal commission 50%. Minimum witdhrawal is 0.0001 BTC dirrect to your bitcoin wallet.
Please to be noticed, because of bitcoin exchange rate with dollar is fluctuating, maybe the ads click value will following the change, So it can be increase or decrease.
Please clear your cookies (Chrome) and read TOS and FAQ before you join to their sites.
Thanks for reading.

New Way To Collect Bitcoin

Hello everybody, today I will post the New Way to Collect Bitcon. Here we go....

  2. This is a faucet for most cryptocurrency, you can earn Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Ethereum etc. You can collect as many as you wish every minutes, 2 minutes, 5 minutes depend the faucet rotator. Minimum withdrawal to your wallet is 0.0001 BTC.

  4. This is also faucet, you can claim Bitcoin every 15 minutes and every day you can get 5% daily bonus from your claim. Up to 5000 satoshi every claim. Minimum withdrawal is 10,000 satoshi.

  5. Bitcoins World
  6. This faucet special for newbie, every new member get free 500 satoshi, then claim satoshi every hours. Each claim you can collect between 70-70000 satoshi and get bonus everyday between 25%-100% for the next claim. If you need more info please click here.
Every programs is free to join, you only need your Bitcoin address wallet or e-mail then password to join.

For PTC programs, the present I only trust, they have paid me, you can see my payment proof from BtcClicks here. And if you wish to join Btclicks click here or click banner below. Banner

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