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Clixsense is Paid, this is My First Payment

Hello all, after long long long time not very active and then active again in Clixsense, a few days ago I got my first payment. Not very big but it this  enough. ^_^
So far  I earned $ 15 and going  to my PayPal Account.
This is my first cashout.
The secrets is the task offers, so many tasks inside Clixsense, every task worth $ 0.03, $ 0.07 and $ 0.12 even more.
If you didn't register yet, what are you waiting for, register now, click the ads, complete offers and complete tasks, start to earning money. ^_^


Got Paid from Cashium

Yeah, get payment from Cashium
Thanks for Admin.

Serba Bisnis


Update First Payment From Mycubie

This site is nice view and looking great before.
With more than 30,000 member, this site still grow up and almost reach 40,000 member.
So, no more reason if the site is not paying, with so many ads and more upgrade member.
Today, I got my first Payment, small amount, but it's showing that the site is paying.
Here is my screen shoot


Update OnBux Legit, My Second Payment Instant

This is my second Payment from OnBux. Instant!!
It's easy. Let me show you. Just click the advertisement and you get paid like me ^_^.

First, register your account in here, then fill the form.
Make sure you have PayPal and AlertPay account.
If you don't have you can make it first, then Register on Open your account everyday, at least 10 minute, to see your ads.
If you lucky, you will get more ads.
And if you wish, check temporary your account to get more ads.


Fake PayPal E-mail

Hello all, I just want to tell u. Today I got an e-mail from PayPal stating that I  have bought something.
I was surprised, coz I never bought something from this merchant. So I became suspicious. And then I starting check  from the header e-mail, I see is not from PayPal. There is written an address "PayPal". Then I check the link, just only mouse over the link and I saw This is clearly not from PayPal.
Of course this is only trick to get your account. So Becareful. 
This is the screen shoot of my e-mail. 


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