I Get My Account Back Again

It is good news for me. I didn't active for more over 4 years but my account still alive in social media marketing and traffic exchange, but one other traffic exchange is dead.

For my social media marketing is IMFaceplate and the traffic exchange is Sweeva, the other account in traffic exchange was dead is in Trafficsw***.com, is so sad because I joined in about 2009.

I should deleted my old article in IMFaceplate because my article had bad link or dead link. Then try to write again but for now I didn't have idea. I had deleted
my old link that has been dead and renew them with my new link, so many task to do with my faceplate, but now already done.

In Sweeva, my account nothing change, I still have more 1,400 credits, my rank still same like I was logout more than 4 years ago and everything I have still there are. Except my bad link, I should deleted them and renew them with my new programs.

Oh ya, starting today I joined new Traffic Exchange that called XtremeSurf.info, this Traffic Exchange have ratio 1:1 manual surf, every surf only 5 seconds, every surf 15 sites we will get $0.15, getting 500 credits just for register and surf for 15 site for first, there are PTC too and so many prize in surfing page. If you wish to join or need more information follow this link or click on banner bellow.

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