LogiPTC Paid Me Today

Yesss.......... Thanks God
Today I got payment from LogiPTC, $ 5 to my PayPal.^_^

You can do like me, very simple.

Here my Payment proof.

First join to this site by click in banner bellow, after that, login to your account, click every ads you see, but must one by one and see the instructions.
Targeted ads worth $ 0.01 but you must click 1 ads at advertiser site.

Standard ads worth $ 0.005 stay on loaded page it at least 10 second.

If You see the WARNING pop-up on first time, don't worry, it only show you, that site is working.

But, if you see Warning like that again, it is count to your account, but after 7 days the warning will be expired.

There are unlimited ads every day, install the toolbar to get more ads.

Get Paid for Browsing the Internet with LogiPTC

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