Good News for Old LogiPTC Member

This is very good news for inactive member of LogiPTC. I will tell you to active again. It is very simple. Follow my short story.

I'm not active in LogiPTC more over 4 years and of course I forget my password. But yesterday I want to active again with this PTC. Guess what that I have got?

After reset my password and then login to my account, my account still same like when I logout more  than 4 years ago, my balance not reseted, didn't like many other PTC. hahaha.... ^_^

And now for first time after more than 4 years, I'm getting Standard Ads about
6 ads, each worth $0.05, and a little bit more I can request my payment.

In LogiPTC the big rules is don't cheat, don't use proxy and follow the ads instruction, very simple. So if you want to join simply click the banner below or if you want to active again just click the banner then login to your account. And if you forget your password just request new password.
For the last words is "Happy Earning".

Get Paid for Browsing the Internet with LogiPTC

Oh, if you want to see my #1 payment follow this link and my #2 payment follow this link. For LogiPTC information in my blog follow this link.

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