BuxExtra The Great PTC

Serba Bisnis
I think I found new great PTC, BuxExtra.com.
Why I can say that. Because every clicked ads worth $ 1, and now increase from $ 0.25 to $ 1 per referrals clicks.
And every day there are about 10 clicks ads, even more for upgrade members.
Now see the earning example, if every day You clicks on the ads as much as 5.
Daily earning ---> $ 5
weekly earning ---> $ 35
monthly earning ---> $ 150

It is all earning example clicked by Yourself without referral
If You have at least 10 referral and clicked 5 ads
Your daily earning ---> = $ 55
Your weekly earning ---> = $ 385
Your monthly earning ---> = $ 1500

This example based only if You have 10 referral and 5 daily clicks. Some days we will have more ads, some days will have less. What if You had more referral and there where more ads?

Nice earning, Now what are You waiting for?
Action today, join and start earning money.

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This Site Is SCAM or DEAD !!!

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