Clixsense, The Change In PTC

I already member for this site almost 2 year, in Clixsense. For the beginning, not much ads for free members, but most ads for paid members. As a free member in one week, even one month we only get 1 or 2 ads max 5 ads, so hard to earn from this site. So I don't think this site is good.

But at least in the middle of this year there is a big changes, especially for free members. All members get the same chance, there is so much ads every day, even if the small value, but it is very valuable for free members.

Now, there is 10-20 ads even more for every day for free member, the worth every ads between $0.001 - $0.01, but for upgraded members there is more ads and more value, between $0.001-$0.02 each ads. And good news for advertiser, there is cheap advertisement and get real traffics for the people.

O ya, almost forget, there is Clix Grid, every members have chance to get $5, every day for free members have 25 clix chance and double for upgrade members.
So, if you not yet a member for this site, join right now. There's a chance for you.

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waralaba said...

informasi yang menarik sob.. ada program ptr baru ne

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