Make money with Link

Maybe there are many people already use this program.
I already use 2 program and now is my turn to introduce them to You.


Both of them have similar technique, changing every link to make money. Yes, EVERY LINK, except their own link, be sure.

How it works?

Just create a paying link, like this (LinkMoney) and like this (LinkBucks) for example. Then put into Your site, blog, Traffics Exchange, etc. And
watch the money add up as people click on your links.

How Create Paying Link?

It's simple, go to Create Links. There are 3 choice, make single link, multiple links or full page script. See pic below.
#1 Type the url that will be converted.
Choose the content types of ad, clean for all ages and adult for adult content.
#3 Choose one of ad types, intermission ad, pop up ad, or top banner ad. After that
#4 Choose alias url especially for LinkBucks and none for LinkMoney
#5 The last is Generate Link.

Click this picture to enlarge
  • Single link just for one link.
  • Multiple links for make several link.
  • Full page script for all link in your website or blog.
When I got Paid?

You will get paid after reach minimum limits. And the Minimum Payout both of them is $ 5.00.

Through what the Payment?

All payment can made via PayPal for both. ePassporte for LinkBucks and many more for LinkMoney.

If You would to join, please click banner below.

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