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Get paid from Online Adventure Game There is 2 verse game, English Verse and French Verse, both of them have same basic game. But, the different is the prize in French Verse more than English Verse. And You can try both, only with one IP address.
It's a simple game and easy to play for everyone. Free to join. And win the money.
Dungeons&Treasures Play & Win Money

How to play?

First, You must have account on
If You didn't have, You can create here ( absolutely FREE ). Login to Your Account and then please read the First Step Rule.

Enter Dungeon
Every day, You have the chance lives 3 times that marked with . To begin adventure in Dungeon, go to Tavern Page. Collect anything that You find in the Dungeon, use it for improve Your power and experience. Collect the gold pieces for Your wealth. If there is no way else to go, it mean You finished that Dungeon, go out from Dungeon. And start another Dungeons tomorrow.

Kill or Catch The Monster
If You find the monster, kill the monster by hand or weapon that You have, for raise Your Experience/Level or catch them for sale on the shop, to gain Your gold.

How long the time to finished the Dungeons?

Times to finished 1 Dungeon, about 10-15 minutes depending Your Network and Your Browser. And also Your Live number is 0 (zero) that mean you die, You had finished the Dungeon.

Browser to Play the Game
I recommend K-Meleon Browser to play this game ( download here if You didn't have ). Because this browser very fast, in 1 hour can finished 5-6 Dungeons and even more. Or using Mozilla Firefox ( download here for latest version ) that fast enough, in 1 hour can finished 3-5 Dungeons.

Other game
Before or after play in the Dungeons, You can play other games in this site, like :
Contest, contain several games to become the best player.
One is Bow & Balloons ( shoot the balloon to become the best ).
Crystal Ball, find treasure with Crystal Ball (new).
Treasure Zurg, beat the monster and get the treasure..
Treasure Hunt, explore the map and get the treasure, and many more.
All the game can increase Your gold.

So what do You waiting for, join today, play the game and earn money.

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